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The ever increasing relevance of a well performing website on Google may seem like to much stress or an unnecessary cost, but with competition growing and online marketing channels becoming a part of the mainstream, it has never been more powerful to have a website that ranks on the first page of Google.

Without doubt, sales will increase rapidly long-term and you will begin to view search engine optimisation as an effective investment rather than a cost.

There is no better time to begin investing than now and no better team of experts to maximise the results than Hex!

seo strategy

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onpage seo

On-page SEO is the process of adapting your website meta data to align with targeted keywords. We perform competitor keyword analysis to put together a list of the most searched keyword phrases in your target market, we then adapt the headings, meta titles, page titles and other page data for the chosen keywords. This will allow search engines to crawl your website when a target customers searches for your product. We also create XML sitemaps, robot.txt, Google analytics, Google console and internal linking.


link building

Link building is essentially a vote of confidence via a link to your website gained through an authoritative website that values your website content, product or service. It is proven to be one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. We perform the following strategy to gain your website quality backlinks: Blog posting, Guest posting, Broken link building and competitor link analysis.


site audit

We offer a companies detailed SEO report documents that come with step by step guides to optimising your SEO campaign.We use powerful tools such as SEMrush to get a vivid understanding of how your website is performing in search engines, and how we can maximize your rankings.


technical seo

Technical SEO allows search engines to discover, crawl and index your website. If this process is done correctly it will result on better search engine rankings. Technical SEO does not involve adjusting the content on your website but instead entails optimising your website’s infrastructure.


international seo

If you’ve noticed that your product or service may sell better in other countries, with a strong international SEO strategy any market in any country in the world can be reached. It is important to first understand your current situation. What countries do you get the most traffic from? It’s best to target these areas. To establish yourself in a foreign market requires analysis of competitors in that country and language specific keyword research, as many languages use different phrases for different technical terms. Starting at this point will allow us to develop an SEO campaign in any language which matches the needs of the target audience.

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