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UI/UX design

custom breathtaking websites?

Let us help you cut through the noise and get your brand more leads
Let us help you cut through the noise and get your brand more leads

ui/ux design agency

Need a website that will make your company stand out from the crowd? Unique, stylish website design is our speciality. No more cookie cutter, mediocre, copy and pasted template designed webpages. The designers at Hex have a certain prowess that is unmatched in New Zealand.

We're blank canvases of the digital world, absorbing new technologies and trends like fresh sponges. Most importantly, we're dedicated to manifesting your vision into a lead generating, beautiful website.

flawless execution

All it takes is a single flash of a neuron to manifest something exceptional. View our tools of manifestation here 👉


ux web design agency

We design immersive, unique websites for businesses that are looking to gain a competitive advantage in their market. Fluid, conversion effective websites are what will be produced if you choose to build your website with us. We do website development differently because the reality is  the online marketplace is crowded, the only way to take control of your online sales and stand out from the crowd is by having a website that is innovative, unique and fashionable.


Unique & memorable

When faced with the saturated online market today, you need to make sure your user experience (UX) stands out from the crowd. Unique and memorable custom UX/UI design is what we deliver. Fully custom designed websites with the latest in design trends will make your brand look fresh and fashionable, while being highly effective at lead generation and ensuring a high return on investment. Now is the time to invest in a high-end custom website, it is the way of the future.


speedy Gonzales

a lag-less user experience is essential for a business looking to create a professional image online. This can be very hard to achieve using Wordpress websites, thats why we use Webflow, one of the fastest CDN server-less hosting platforms in the world. If you've gone for the mainstream Wordpress hosting/builder platforms and are questioning your decision, you're not alone. Webflow allows for fully customisable raw coding design, used only by the most seasoned design professionals. If you're looking for an upgrade you've come to the right place.


UI web design company

Our team of experienced and inspired UI and UX developers love going above and beyond the web design world to create fabulously functional experiences tailored to your market that guarantee a return on investment and will establish your brand as a market leader.

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